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Science & environmental education specialists presenting unique programs for all ages – over 40 years combined experience!
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Partnering with the School Board of Broward County and Broward County Natural Resources Planning and Management Division in the annual Broward P3 Eco-Challenge Awards.

For more information and to nominate for the P3 Eco-Challenge, go to http://stem.browardschools.com/p3/

Southeast Regional Envirothon

Southeast Regional Envirothon
Formerly the Broward EEC Envirothon
NOW Part of ECO!

The Regional and Florida Envirothons are a problem-solving, natural resource education programs for high school students. They are field-oriented programs in which students, work in teams of five, learn to use critical thinking skills, and develop problem-solving and communications skills to answer written questions or conduct hands-on investigations about environmental issues. These programs focus on five areas of study as does the national competition. These interrelated and broad study areas teach a holistic approach to natural resource conservation and can easily be incorporated into a teaching curriculum.

Envirothon Information